Are you in, or approaching your 40’s and nervous about going through the next phase of your life? 

Are you finding your current strategies for managing your diet, exercise, weight, mood and stress (to name a few) are no longer working for you, then you maybe experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause.

If you’re feeling down and lack lustre about this phase of life, going through the motions, not really knowing how you’re going to feel or you’re struggling to manage from day to day, then let’s chat!

Hi there! I'm Carolyn!

As a Menopause, Skin health & Face Yoga Wellness Practitioner, accredited by the International Practitioner’s of Holistic Medicine, I’m here to support you every step of the way, as you navigate this next stage of your life.  

My peri-menopause journey started when I was 38 and my son was just turning two – it was quite a shock but explained so much!  As someone who has severe eczema and a history of chronic fatigue syndrome, I wanted to find ways to manage my symptoms as naturally as possible – the more I learned the more I felt drawn to share my knowledge and experience to help others. 

Through our three pillars of empowerment: Communityknowledge and wellbeing, we offer a safe space to inspire and uplift women so they can holistically embrace the menopause and continue living life to their full potential.  We believe in a whole body approach when it comes to managing symptoms, taking physical, mental, emotional and spritual wellbeing into account.  You can read more about our 360 Degree Approach here!

Our Online Services

Skin Health Programmes
1-2-1 Meno Make-Over

Life happens so quickly, it’s often tricky to give ourselves the time and head-space to really think about our needs, much less to know what action to take – that’s why I created this 1-2-1 Meno Make-Over programme !  I’d love to help you figure out what’s best for you now! Not yesterday, or 10 years ago! And, get you back on track to feeling like you’re thriving, rather than just surviving!  

So this programme is for you, if you’re at the stage where you’re starting to notice changes, for example: in your skin, your sleep, your mental health and your energy or your weight, so you can be peri-prepared and have the tools and support you need to live the life you truly desire.

Wellbeing Studio

Find your moment of calm, with our mobile friendly  video classes. So, whether you are experiencing anxiety, tension headaches, low confidence, overwhelm or fatigue, to name a few, there’s a simple solution waiting for you!

The online self-led classes are a collection of super quick and simple to follow wellbeing techniques that will help you to reduce pain, relieve meno symptoms such as, hot flushes, anxiety, and headaches; boost your energy levels and so much more!

30 minute classes include upper and lower face workout, ,massage and meditation.

Wellbeing Academy
Wellbeing Academy

Gain clarity and knowledge of your menopausal symptoms with our Wellbeing Academy courses, workshops and events. 

Based around the Q360 Approach, we share the latest evidence based research, to help you further understand your body as you go through this transitionary period.

We want to EMPOWER your Menopause with community, knowledge and wellbeing solutions so you can make the most informed decisions about what’s right for you and your body.

“Our skin is often a mirror image of what’s going on inside our bodies”

Carolyn Lewis - Founder Qetello

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