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Qetello - Helping you achieve your healthiest, happiest skin!

Hi there, I’m Carolyn!  A huge WELCOME to Qetello Skin health & Wellbeing – the home of the holistic appraoch to finding your healthiest, happiest skin, to leave you brimming with confidence!

Qetello is all about using the power of Face Yoga, to educate, inspire and empower women to view their skin health from a wider perspective that includes, mental health, nutrition, hormonal, lifestyle and product choices. (Read about my eczema recovery here!)

Improve your overall wellbeing and confidence, with Qetello's holistic approach, serving mind, body and soul!

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Qetello Face Yoga Studio

Introducing Face Yoga

A natural way to smooth your wrinkles, tone your facial muscles, look younger and feel more confident!

Whether you are looking for a natural anti-aging solution, or want to manage migraines, there’s a course for you to help alleviate stress, headaches, tech neck and more!

Qetello Academy

Skin Health Online Courses

The Skin Health Academy

Be inspired and empowered to take control of your health and wellbeing and sky-rocket your business! 

Our specially designed online courses and workshops for independant skincare and wellbeing consultants give you the knowledge and confidence to better support your clients with skin health issues.

What our clients say:

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“Our skin is often a mirror image of what’s going on inside our bodies”

Carolyn Lewis - Founder Qetello Skin health & Wellbeing


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Accredited by:

International Practitiioners Holistic Medicine

How the skin is affected by stress

When we’re stressed, the adrenal glands release our ‘fight or flight’ hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, which elevate our heart rate, increase the acidity of the stomach and change the structure of our collagen; even damaging connective tissues and thus, compromising the health and integrity of our skin.
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Face Yoga for Mindfulness

Using face yoga as a mindfulness practice, but first what is mindfulness and how can Face Yoga help to relieve everyday stresses from damaging our skin.
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Meet Carolyn

My why I do what I do here at Qetello, is very much from the heart, based on my personal experience of severe eczema, aplopecia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
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Relaxation Breathing Exercise

Try this relaxation breathing technique to lower stress levels, build a stronger immunity, detoxify, increase energy levels and improve your sleep!
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