Bringing like minded women together through our 360 degree approach to menopause, skin health and wellbeing...

Menopause affects every part of your being, which is why we take a holistic 360° approach to your overall health and wellbeing.  This includes: mindset, stress, nutrition, sleep and communication skills, to name a few!

Which collectively create our ‘Three Pillars of Empowerment’:


Our menopause community hub brings women together to share their experience in a safe supportive space.  Our Academy workshops, classes, and activites share knowledge on all aspects of the menopause, skin health and wellbeing practices, so you have all the information you need to make the right choices for you.  Our ever developing wellbeing studio helps you to ease your signs and symptoms using a range of holistic practices.

Community Hub
We believe the menopause doesn't have to be heavy, negative and taboo, so come and join us to find out how you can 'do menopause' the lighter, fun, more energetic way with the Qetello 360 Menopause Community Hub.
Our aim is to share as much knowledge as possible, so you can make informed decisions to manage menopause in a way that works for you and your body. Take a look at our workshops and classes!
Wellbeing Studio
Find your moment of calm, with our short form videos, to quickly relieve your menopausal symptoms. Ease anxiety, tension headaches, low confidence, overwhelm or fatigue, and more with these quick and simple solutions.

Book a virtual coffee and a chat to find out how you can empower your menopause