Self-Love… Why I made friends with a yoga block!

Self-Love ...Why I made friends with a yoga block!

If you didn’t already know, yoga plays a huge role in my life and I endeavour to practice daily – both for my face and body!

But, I’ve noticed over the past few months (in a massive jaw dropping OMG way!) that my ego joins the mat before I do!!!

I’ve been practicing yoga for years, but when it comes to my hip flexibility and range of motion, they never seem to improve… and I’m realising I have my ego to thank!

I tend to hold most of my tension, stresses (and, therefore, emotions!) in and around my hips and have done for a very long time!  I remember when I had Chronic Fatigue, my hip pains were one of the first symptoms and knowing what I know now, I can see that a lot of that pain and exhaustion was emotionally driven.

So, it begs the question: How can I expect my hips to bend, flex and move fluidly when all this stuff in still in there?

You’d think given my knowledge and experience I’d leave my ego at the door and come to my mat meeting my body exactly where it is!  But NO, my ego has trotted off ahead of me and set the tone for my practice – I muuussstttt dooo this stretch and look like I’m the ‘perfect’ advert for yoga!  Which frankly, with my current hip status, is laughable – they are way too tight and I’ve been way too unkind to myself, by not modifying poses or acknowledging my body (and then wondering why I have more discomfort!)

So, meet my new best friend!  My yoga block – to sit on, lean on and flop on!  This trusty tool is helping me to meet my body and my emotions where they actually are, not where my ego thinks they should be!  

This to me, is part of loving myself – giving myself the permission and time to process, work through stored emotions and gradually release them, without judgment, expectation, or even a plan!  Yoga after all is about flow and unity of mind, body and soul!

What can you give yourself permission for?

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