Relaxation Breathing Exercise

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Try this relaxation breathing technique to lower stress levels, build a stronger immunity, detoxify, increase energy levels and improve your sleep!

The benefits inclucde:

This breathing exercise has both long and short term benefits:

  • Lowering stress levels
  • Decreasing cortisol production
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Rebalances the skin’s sebum production
  • Reduced skin flare ups
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving sleep

Step 1:

Sit, stand, or lay in a comfortable postion, so you can relax your shoulders, your forehead muscles and your eyes.

Step 2:

Taking a deep breath in, imagine that your tummy is a balloon you are trying to fill with air, slowly fill your tummy to a count of 4 and let your abdomen (tummy) rise.   Hold your filled balloon like tummy for a count of 1.

Step 3:

Now slowly start to exhale all the air out of your balloon to a count of 6.

Repeat this breath cycle for 5 minutes to feel deeply relaxed.


  • You might like to keep your hands on your tummy as you do this exercise so you can really feel the rise and fall of your tummy – this will help you stay focussed and connected to your breath. 
  • Try and keep your chest as still as possible to allow the air to fully inflate and deflate your abdomen.
By Carolyn

I started ‘Qetello Face Yoga, Skin health and Wellbeing’ off the back of doing online ‘Beauty Boost Hours’ for friends and family during the pandemic! Qetello (which means destiny) is all about taking a holistic approach to your menopausal skin health and overall wellebing. My mission is to share knowledge, inspire and empower women to view their skin health from a wider perspective that includes, hormonal health, mental health, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle and product choices. My peri-menopause journey started when I was 38 and my son was just turning two – it was quite a shock but explained so much! As someone who has severe eczema and a history of chronic fatigue syndrome, I wanted to find ways to manage my symptoms as naturally as possible – the more I learned the more I felt drawn to share my knowledge and experience to help others and trained to become a menopause wellness practitioner in 2023. My passion for skin health comes from necessity! I had to find a way to manage my chronic eczema, as back in 2015, I was taken into hospital because my skin was so infected from head to toe that I needed emergency attention – my hair and eyebrows fell out and I was really quite unwell. It was a really tricky time in my life and I decided I could sink or swim, which is ironic as I lived on my boat at the time!! I chose to swim and learned as much as I could to empower myself to heal as quickly as possible. Over the years, I’ve taken an array of courses, presented by leading global universities such as Monash in Australia, Leeds and Liverpool in the UK and Harvard in the USA, on subjects such as food as medicine, nutrition, human disease and most recently dermatology, face yoga and meditation. I absolutely love sharing my passion, knowledge and experience to be able to help other women feel amazing in their skin, so do let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, With much love and gratitude, Carolyn xx

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