Our Mission

Through our three pillars of empowerment: Community, knowledge and wellbeing, we offer a safe space to inspire and uplift women so they can holistically embrace the menopause and continue living life to their full potential. (Read more about our 360 degree approach here!)

Qetello empowers women to transform their menopausal journey into a lighter, more beautiful experience, that can be fully embodied with love, excitement and joy;  so they can feel confident, on their game and, continue to thrive.

We teach women how to embrace the menopausal phase in a playful, exploratory way without judgement or self-sabotage; to put their physical and emotional wellbeing first –  for the betterment of themselves and those around them.  We know that if we want to change the attitude and actions towards menopausal women, then we need to start asking for what we need, want and desire!

It’s our mission to be part of the drive to change menopausal messaging, to empower women to stand up for their needs, as they transition with confidence and with clear communication in all areas of their life, so menopause can be seen through compassionate and supportive eyes that offer collaboration, respect and fairness.