How does mental health impact on skin health?

Our skin is often a reflection of how we feel on the inside!

By Carolyn@Qetello

psychology and eczema

So, how does mental health impact on skin health?

It’s widely accepted within the psychology field that although physical symptoms of skin problems are different (think eczema vs psoriasis) the emotional distress felt by those with skin issues is very similar for all patients.

Intense emotions such as: stress, anger, fear, or pressure can actually trigger issues such as acne or rosacea and cause eczema and psoriasis

This is often called Psychodermatology and is the treatment of skin disorders using psychological and psychiatric techniques by addressing the interaction between the mind and the skin.

The ‘psycho’ part is more focused on the ‘internal‘ nonvisible disease, and the ‘dermatological’ is focused on the ‘external‘ visible disease.  This powerful combination aims to:

  • reducing pruritus and scratching,
  • improving sleep, and
  • Relieving symptoms such as anxiety, anger, social embarrassment, and social withdrawal

By learning how to address emotions like anxiety and fear safely:

We can retrain the brain to help provide relief for not only our minds, but for our skin too!

By using techniques like:

  • psychotherapy,
  • hypnosis,
  • relaxation,
  • cognitive-behavioral therapy,
  • meditation,
  • affirmation,
  • stress management,
  • and guided imagery.

Here at Qetello, we love to mix it up a little as many of the above techniques feature in our Face Yoga sessions!  

Now, you might be thinking what the heck has Face Yoga got to do with stress relief and limiting beliefs?  


The answer is…



By relieving stress in the head, neck and shoulders using the Face Yoga techniques taught by our expert Carolyn, you can help alleviate headaches, sinus problems, jaw issues and so many more; all whilst relaxing, meditating, affirming and reproamming your mind to engage in healthy self-help habits, that help us deal with intense emotions in a procactive way, reducing flare ups –  A definite win win!

Check our our Face Yoga page for more info on sessions! 

By Carolyn

I started ‘Qetello Face Yoga, Skin health and Wellbeing’ off the back of doing online ‘Beauty Boost Hours’ for friends and family during the pandemic! Qetello (which means destiny) is all about taking a holistic approach to your menopausal skin health and overall wellebing. My mission is to share knowledge, inspire and empower women to view their skin health from a wider perspective that includes, hormonal health, mental health, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle and product choices. My peri-menopause journey started when I was 38 and my son was just turning two – it was quite a shock but explained so much! As someone who has severe eczema and a history of chronic fatigue syndrome, I wanted to find ways to manage my symptoms as naturally as possible – the more I learned the more I felt drawn to share my knowledge and experience to help others and trained to become a menopause wellness practitioner in 2023. My passion for skin health comes from necessity! I had to find a way to manage my chronic eczema, as back in 2015, I was taken into hospital because my skin was so infected from head to toe that I needed emergency attention – my hair and eyebrows fell out and I was really quite unwell. It was a really tricky time in my life and I decided I could sink or swim, which is ironic as I lived on my boat at the time!! I chose to swim and learned as much as I could to empower myself to heal as quickly as possible. Over the years, I’ve taken an array of courses, presented by leading global universities such as Monash in Australia, Leeds and Liverpool in the UK and Harvard in the USA, on subjects such as food as medicine, nutrition, human disease and most recently dermatology, face yoga and meditation. I absolutely love sharing my passion, knowledge and experience to be able to help other women feel amazing in their skin, so do let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, With much love and gratitude, Carolyn xx

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