Face Yoga

Do you ever wonder who is staring at you in the mirror?

As busy women it's easy to ignore our stresses, every increasing wrinkles, greying skin and tired eyes!

…Introducing Face Yoga! A natural way to smooth your wrinkles, tone your facial muscles, look younger and feel more confident!

Face yoga works by.....

Using a combination of:

  • facial exercises,
  • massage and
  • relaxation,

to exercise, strengthen, plump and tone the 57 muscles of the face and neck to reduce and prevent lines, wrinkles and sagging, whilst building collagen and boosting your complexion.   

The stronger the muscles become, the more your face is lifted and taughtened as a result.  Leaving you with a brighter, healthier and younger looking complexion. 

That’s why we’re super excited to share our: 


Online Beginner Face Yoga Class Series:

Boost your Confidence, Collagen and Complexion!

Strengthen, lift, tone and smooth your way to healthier and younger looking skin.

Banish stress, wrinkles and grey skin; revealing a healthier, brighter and younger looking you with this 4 week online class series.   

Over the 4 weeks you will gain access to a 60 minute weekly lesson taught by our experienced holistic Face Yoga Therapist Carolyn.   Giving you the foundations, strength and complexion boost to smooth your wrinkles, tone your facial muscles, look younger and feel more confident!

Each week you are guided through a facial exercise flow for both the upper and lower face, which:

  • strenghtens, 
  • relaxes and 
  • tones the facial muscles.  

The practice is then sealed with a range of facial massage techniques, to:

  • boost your collagen and elastin, 
  • increase your circulation and 
  • detoxify your skin, leaving you glowing

The classes are divided into simple to follow sections, making it easy for you to pause, re-play and practice.   

Carolyn will be there to support you every step of the way, through the Class community group, hosted on the Q360 Hub, where you can ask questions, post your progress and stay accountable.

Learning how you can use your own hands to help shape, lift and tone your face, whilst nourishing your mind and emotional wellbeing, is hugely empowering. 

Start your journey to a more confident, healthier, happier you today!  Simply click here to securely purchase the class series through our website.

Of course, if you have you any questions, feel free to get in touch.

See you in class!

Namaste x

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